FIRST STAGE : the cut

One carves the jewel in a block of rough wax with various tools, goujes, files, aso...


SECOND STAGE : finishing of the surface

The jewel’ surface that we obtain is then polished by hand or with a blowlamp and several alterations are made by pouring hot wax (in red on the picture).


THIRD STAGE : moulding in plaster and casting of the metal.

A shaft of casting is fixed on the finished wax and will serve to pour melted metal. The jewel in wax ans its shaft of casting are then drownedn a crucible with a plaster resistant to high temperatures.

After the hardening of the plaster, the crucible is put upside-down in an oven and wax melts an flows up (therefrom comes its name « lost wax »). A hole is thus formed, in which the metal in fusion (gold, siver, platinium) will be injected.




Plaster is then broken and one discovers the rough jewel with its shaft of casting.

It will be necessary to work on it, to remove the shaft of casting, to polish it in order to obtain the finished jewel.





In order to create several similar pieces, I take a moulding of the first wax or of an existing jewel.


This moulding is made of flexible and heatproof silicone, in which I pour hot wax that I can then work on again or modify to get a similar jewel but not identical. All the finishings are done by hand, according to my inspiration or to the customer’s request.



In blue : the moulding in silicone

In green : the new wax which is obtained