Titanium, a métal with a unique character.

Even though it is hard, it is light.

Titanium is about half the weight of steel.

Titanium doesn't rust and doesn't cause any allergies.

It contains no nickel and therefore is bio-compatible, antiallergic and tolerated by the skin.

Because of its eminent qualities, titanium stands out, not only as a modern, technological raw material, but also as a ideal material for the creation of fresh, ultra-modern jewellery. With its bright, silky surface, titanium is particularly attractive for futurist pieces.

Titanium is number 22 in the table of elements and its chemical abreviation is TI. Titanium undergoes a transformation, whereby it changes from the original ore to the finished product trough three phases:

  1. Processing of the ore to a metallic form known as "sponge";
  2. Melting down of the sponge by mixing it with elements of the alloy to form a block;
  3. Shaping of the block for the production of cylindres or calibrate sticks, or used in creative craftwork.